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Cycling holidays have always been tricky for those with families: whilst one of the couple or the family is out, enjoying riding their bike, what do the others do? There’s a real risk of boredom whilst potentially waiting an entire morning or more for the lucky cyclist to return.
But there is a solution: Marche Cycling House organises superb day trips for those not riding, daily excursions to discover the delights whether cultural, historical, or natural our beautiful Marche region has to offer, obviously including the art of good eating and drinking, with cooking lessons, wine tasting and sampling of local food specialities, a chance to completely immerse yourself in our culinary traditions.

Ca' Virginia

Probably the most beautiful Renaissance city in Italy.
UNESCO World Heritage city, every corner of Urbino will take your breath away.
And the hilly and coloured surroundings are simply amazing.

Gola del Furlo and truffle area
This zone is well known all around Italy and Europe to be the “truffle area”. The nature around Fossombrone and Acqualagna is beautiful, and its gift from the ground is a special white truffle.
Moreover, don’t forget to visit Gola del Furlo a natural  canyon millions years' old.

Pesaro and San Bartolo natural reserve
If You visit Le Marche, this panoramic natural reserve just above the sea is a must-see! Let your mind be mesmerized by this terrific view.
Pesaro is a very nice city, with a fantastic historical theathre dedicated to Gioacchino Rossini and the beautiful Palazzo Ducale and Rocca Costanza, built by the will of Costanzo Sforza.

San Marino
Well, It’s a Republic itself, an exclave, but this is another must-see if you are planning to visit Le Marche northern area. A medieval city, nestled on Monte S.Leo.

Who doesn’t know about the love tragedy of Paolo and Francesca? This story, which was narrated even by Dante Alighieri in the Inferno, took place inside the Castle of Gradara.



Borgo Lanciano

This Renaissance town is called and known to be “the balcony” of Le Marche, thanks to its prime location, over a 600m above sea level hill. If there are no clouds, You can enjoy a 360° panorama, from the snow-capped Sibillini until Monte Conero and the sea.

Camerino, Tolentino and San Severino
These towns represent the history of the Marche region. In a circle area of 30KM, those cities originally from the Roman Empire and the Medieval Age, are real jewels; they survived to the hearthquakes of 2016, preserving their original beauty.

Fiastra Lake and Lame Rosse geo-site
Get ready to be amazed by the beauty and the colors of Fiastra lake. This is the nerve center of this area, from here you can start to visit different places, such as Lame Rosse geo-site, and the Sibillini National Park.

Frasassi caves
Surely one of the most famous and beautiful natural beauties in Le Marche, but also in Italy. Its light effects, and especially its limestone formations will delight your eyes and fill your hearth.

One of the most famous towns in Italy is Assisi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and, above all, the homeland of San Francesco. Today it is well-known to pilgrims from all over the world, but the Basilica draws attention from all kind of tourists, as it is a monument of great artistic value.

The invention of paper is traditionally attributed to the Chinese, but it was actually the Arabs who, after having learned the rudiments of manufacture and made a few improvements, spread the new product throughout the west. It was a long, arduous process that was completed in the second half of the 13th century here, in Fabriano.



Villa Quiete

It only takes a walk along Corso Matteotti - Macerata's main thoroughfare, near Piazza della Libertà, with the Palazzo dei Priori and its statues and plaques - to discover Macerata’s 16th-Century architecture. Here stands the Renaissance-style Prefecture's Palace, San Paolo Church and the Teatro Rossi. But the must-see sites are the unique Sferisterio (a large court for handball games built around 1820, which is now an open theatre for events), the 15th-Century Duomo, the Loggia dei Mercanti, Palazzo Buonaccorsi, Palazzo Ricci, the Basilica of the Madonna della Misericordia and the Torre dell'Orologio, with its stunning view.

Fiastra lake and Sassotetto
Get ready to be amazed by the beauty and the colors of Fiastra lake. This is the nerve center of this area, from here you can start to visit different places, such as Sassotetto, Lame Rosse geo-site, and the Sibillini National Park.

The Santuario of the Holy House of Loreto is both a majestic Basilica and a fifteenth century fortress, hosting artworks of great artists, such as Bramante and Vanvitelli. Accordingly to the popular tradition, the Holy House was flown in from Palestine to Loreto by four angels and was rested upon the hill where it stands today.

Osimo and its caves
Besides being a mecca for tourists visiting Conero area, the real wonder of Osimo is hidden beneath the covered market, where there’s a complete underground city of corridors and cubicles with evocative carvings and a fascinating play of lights.

Riviera del Conero
This is the jewel of the Adriatic sea. A perfect mix between beaches with crystal clear water, vegetation and two towns perched above the sea: Sirolo and Numana.

Recanati and the infinity hills
The ancient village of Recanati deserves mention as the birthplace of the poet Giacomo Leopardi. Recanati houses many 15th and 16th-Century monuments, while the Pinacoteca Comunale displays an invaluable collection of paintings. Additionally, any traveler should not miss the tour of the places that inspired Giacomo Leopardi’s poems!



Colle Del Giglio

Ascoli Piceno
Sloping down from the Appennini to the sea, Ascoli’s called the "City of Travertine" for the milk and honey piazze and facades, Ascoli's historic center is an architectural gem. Once home to over 200 towers, almost 50 remain nowdays, but of tremendous beauty. Piazza del Popolo - famous and shooted from people all over the world - Piazza Arringo, the Cathedral and the Bishop Palace are the must see places. But Ascoli Piceno hides many other treasures.

Welcome to the “Belvedere del Piceno”. Besides being one of the most beautiful towns, and hiding the narrowest alley in Italy, it offers a great view of the whole Ascoli Piceno province.

With its 15th-Century fortress, and its characteristic and magnificent Santa Maria della Rocca church, Offida is the wine capital of the entire zone. The surrounding hills are all covered with colored vineyards. Offida is also known as the town of "merletti": a very old tradition that is still alive and practiced

Grottammare and Torre Di Palme
The old town, nestled on a rock with a stunning view above the sea and the new town, completely worths a visit. Also known to be the Coast of the Palms and Oranges, with a milder climate, it supports the growth of tropical vegetation. Torre di Palme is a nearby gem of the shoreline, with its town perched on a hill above the sea.

Another jewel of Le Marche.
Fermo is an ancient Roman colony, then studded with castles and a knowledge center, and today the province capital city of a larger and varied production zone. The Roman baths, the Duomo, the Piazza del Popolo and the superb Teatro dell'Aquila are waiting to tell you about its long and noble history.



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